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An Unofficial History of Coal Mining in the Illawarra

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woll0173.jpg (78309 bytes)
Metropolitan Colliery

woll0175.jpg (102771 bytes)
Metropolitan Colliery

woll0976.jpg (105787 bytes)
Metropolitan Colliery


woll0980.jpg (45362 bytes)
Metropolitan Colliery 1906

woll1090.jpg (65466 bytes)
Metropolitan Colliery 1906

woll1092.jpg (47605 bytes)
Metropolitan Colliery 1910

woll2425.jpg (47308 bytes)
Metropolitan Colliery
Downcast Shaft

woll2426.jpg (112476 bytes)
Metropolitan Colliery
Upcast Shaft Headframe

woll1101.jpg (49528 bytes)
Mt. Keira Colliery
10t Diesel Loco

woll1102.jpg (50567 bytes)
Mt. Keira Colliery
Lamp Cabin

woll1100.jpg (43861 bytes)
Mt. Keira Colliery 1940

woll0526.jpg (75850 bytes)
Mt. Kembla

woll2536.jpg (79660 bytes)
Mt. Kembla Blowout
at Mouth of Mine

woll1105.jpg (53008 bytes)
Mt. Kembla


woll0559.jpg (60697 bytes)
Mt. Kembla Colliery


woll2537.jpg (105050 bytes)
Mt. Kembla Disaster 1902


woll1096.jpg (50549 bytes)
Mt. Kembla Workshops


woll1094.jpg (46279 bytes)
Mt. Pleasant Colliery




woll0205.jpg (121453 bytes)
Nebo Colliery


woll2424.jpg (62012 bytes)
Nebo Colliery

woll0201.jpg (109293 bytes)
Nebo Colliery Coal Handling


woll0503.jpg (73271 bytes)
North Bulli Colliery


woll0505.jpg (77770 bytes)
North Bulli Colliery


woll0131.jpg (88286 bytes)
North Bulli No.2 Colliery


 woll2885.jpg (78093 bytes)
North Bulli No.2 Colliery



*O - S


woll2480.jpg (59262 bytes)
Old Bulli Colliery

woll2457.jpg (78512 bytes)
Old Metropolitan
Colliery Junction

woll0392.jpg (72583 bytes)
Port Kembla
Coal Loader


woll0050.jpg (43880 bytes)
driver's cabin


woll0214.jpg (60200 bytes)
South Bulli Colliery


 woll0190.jpg (132962 bytes)
South Bulli Colliery
No.1 & No.2 Shafts


woll2820a.jpg (71028 bytes)
South Bulli Longwall


woll2820b.jpg (70257 bytes)
South Bulli Longwall


woll2822.jpg (81489 bytes)
South Bulli Longwall


woll0318.jpg (73864 bytes)
South Bulli No.4 Shaft


woll1104.jpg (72035 bytes)
South Bulli Portals


woll0134.jpg (85970 bytes)
South Clifton Colliery


woll1084.jpg (67638 bytes)
South Clifton Colliery 1906


 woll0291.jpg (78319 bytes)
Southern Colliery


woll0324.jpg (73925 bytes)
Southern Colliery


woll0269.jpg (78185 bytes)
Southern Extended Colliery


woll0992.jpg (77534 bytes)
Stanwell Dam 1915


  bs5.jpg (30395 bytes)
Stonedusting the face

*T - Z


woll0302.jpg (74101 bytes)
Tahmoor Colliery

bs6.jpg (64495 bytes)
Testing for gas
under a roof fall


woll0031.jpg (51574 bytes)
Timbered roadway


woll0149.jpg (87383 bytes)
Tongarra Colliery


woll0320.jpg (76456 bytes)
Tower Colliery


woll0536.jpg (65842 bytes)
Weighing Cabin

woll0183.jpg (90425 bytes)
Westcliff Colliery


woll0168.jpg (70290 bytes)
Wongawilli Colliery


woll0166.jpg (58487 bytes)
Wongawilli Colliery
Coal Bins & Bath House 


woll1103.jpg (47862 bytes)
Wongawilli Trolley
Wire Electric Loco

 woll0124.jpg (71626 bytes)
Yellow Rock Colliery



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